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The company renders preventive maintenance services to onshore and offshore drilling eqiupment, including timely supply of genuine spares to minimize downtime and maximize operation. It has also internally developed a cost-effective maintenance program designed to meet the exact needs of GPT's onshore and offshore rigs.

The company deploys experts and experienced maintenance engineers and technicians, who have been properly trained, to ensure that the onshore and offshore rig eqipment is being maintened by people who care.

The internally developed maintenance program aligned with the maintenanc quality system provides the highest level of consistent services by documenting what is supposed to happen, how it is supposed to be done, who is supposed to do it, where it is to occur and by carrying out breakdown analysis to reduce breakdown costs. 

The main activities involved are:

  • Planning and executing preventinve and breakdown maintenance for onshore and offshore drilling equipment.
  • Supply of critical key spares for onshore an offshore drilling equipment.
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