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GPT is expanding its activities to become global and is pursuing the African, Latin American, East Asian as well as Middle East countries markets.

With plans to acquire a leadership position in the offshore and onshore drilling arenas, GPT has evaluated the growing market demand for offshore and land drilling rigs required for projects in the Middle East. Our existing drilling fleet comprises 9 offshore rigs and 3 land rigs. GPT’s 5 year plan is targeting expansion to owning/operating (or in partnership) 16 offshore rigs and 5 land rigs in the next three years.

Global Petro Tech’s existing manpower resources consist of more than 1000 experienced personnel and is growing.

The main activities involved are:

  • Supplier of offshore Jack-Up Rigs and Land Drilling Rigs
  • Drilling Engineering Contractor for companies, contractors, owners and government organizations and buy-back contractors in the oil and gas field
  • Employer's representative to clients in the development of detailed drilling programs; assistance in the operation of tender documents; EPD contracts evaluation of tenders and project management support services during onshore and offshore drilling operations
  • Independent Checker of detailed drilling programs
  • Independent Project Consultant to financers/lenders, providing independent advice on the management and implementation of EPD projects
  • EPD Contractor
  • Project Management and QA/QC Supervision
  • Management of oil and gas well drilling
  • Management and logistics of land drilling rigs
  • Preparing technical supporting services for land rigs
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