Utilization:  Drillship 75.4%(86/114)  Jackup 75.8%(339/447)  Semisub 84.3%(145/172)


  Trinidad Drilling considers sale as Canadian EandP activity slumps                 
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Global Pearl


  Owned by GPT

Global Pearl


  Rig Name / Type GLOBAL PEARL / Jack Up Three Legged, Self Elevating, Catilevered
  Owner & Management GLOBAL PETRO TECH
  Design Marathon LeTourneau 82-SD-C
  Overall dimensions 207 x 176 x 20 ft.
  Spud can diameter 40 ft.
  Legs (3) 411 ft. long triangular
  Quarters capacity 88 persons
  Operating water depth 300 ft.
  Cantilever envelope 40 ft. by 20 ft.
  Maximum cantilever extension (transom to rotary) 47 ft.
  Maximum variable load (drilling). 3,566 kips
  Diverter ball valves Hydril MSP 2000, 2,000 psi, 21-1/4 in. diverter with two 12 in. discharge lines and 12 in. hydraulically operated ball valves
  BOP stack 13- 5/8 inch, 10000 psi, WP BOP stack, with two cameron U double ram preventers, one Hydrill GK 13-5/8 inch, 5000 psi WP annular
  BOP handling 1* 68 short ton (total) hoist and trolley handling system
  DC  Four Ross Hill SCR units, 2000 amps each, powering eight drilling motors
  AC Four Caterpillar CAT 3516 B diesel engines, 1,855 hp, Driving four KATO 600 volt, 1250 kw generators
  Solids control
3 x shakers Derrick Flo-Line cleaner FLC 2000 4-panel shakers, one is equipped with 2 x 10 in. desander cones and 20 x 4 in. desilter cones for mud cleaning, NU-TEC Gumbo Box in flow line.
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