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GPT participated in 15th ADIPEC 11-2012

Global Petro Tech participated in 15th ADIPEC Exhibition which was held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, 11-14 November, 2012. 

Global Petro Tech earned the IMS Certification 03-2012

Global Petro Tech has earned the Integrated Management System(IMS) certification from MIC,UK.

Participating in Development of SP Phase 14 by Global Petro Tech 20-10-2010
Based on the contract to develop SP Phase 14, 22 well (one appraisal, one vertical and 20 deviated wells) have been assigned to Global Petro Tech FZCO.
GPTK has won the contract to drill and develop the Azar and Band-karkheh Oilfields 26-02-2010
Global Petro Tech Kish one of our subsidiaries, has won the contract to drill and develop the Azar and Band-Karkheh oilfields.
Global Petro Tech New Contract with COSL 20-02-2010
Global Petro Tech has signed a contract with COSL for JackUp COSLForce.
COSLStrike on Location in Gulf 21-08-2009
Jackup COSLStrike has arrived in Gulf from Singapore and is on location getting ready to start drilling. The newbuild has a three years plus nine months option charter under GPT contract that will keep it occupied until third quarter 2012 at earliest.
COSLStrike to work for GPT 22-06-2009
GPT has recently signed with the COSL a service contract for the jackup drilling rig COSL Strike. The contract term is three years plus an option of 9 months. The service area is the Gulf region. The contract will officially commence in August this year.
ICOTA Coiled Tubing & Well 31-04-2009
We visited SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing & Well Intervention Conference & Exhibition had been held on The Woodland, TX dated March 31 - April 1, 2009. By lovely weather of spring along with green nature, you were almost forgetting where you are! Is that Hot/Humidity famous Texas? Smart ICOTA by keeps managing the date to be around the same every spring! Good Job.
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