Utilization:  Drillship 75.4%(86/114)  Jackup 75.8%(339/447)  Semisub 84.3%(145/172)


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Company Mission
GPT’s mission is to develop its business through the performance of all upstream activities with special emphasis on drilling and allied services, and offering a complete integrated drilling service for the entire project from conception to completion in local and international markets. We are committed to satisfying the expectations of our stakeholders, shareholders, customers, and employees. The company aims to fulfill the objectives listed below:

Management Focus (Enhancing capabilities):

  • focusing on health and safety principles and being committed to environmental rules and regulations
  • Developing human resources, employing creative, capable and motivated individuals, and nurturing employees' capabilities
  • Seeking sustainable development and maintaining our leading market position by increasing competitive advantage
  • Improving financial performance by minimizing cost, adding value, and ensuring compliance with corporate governance rules and international standards
Business Focus (Building lasting relationships):
  • Endeavoring to maximize shareholder’s revenue and long-term value of assets and achieving consistent profitability and growth
  • Focusing on a win-win strategy with clients, stakeholders, contractors and suppliers
  • Establishing a trustworthy and amenable business environment through clear, sound and interactive business relationships
  • Gaining the respect of clients by making a difference through servicing and operating challenging projects
  • Focusing our company on modern, state-of-the-art offshore and onshore drilling units

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